PetMedix is delivering the next generation of proven monoclonal antibody technology to provide unprecedented therapeutic options for pets.


PetMedix leverages an experienced scientific team and decades of human clinical research to develop fully species-specific, naturally generated therapeutic antibodies for pets. Here are some key moments in the company’s development and growth.

March 2014
PetMedix founder, Prof Allan Bradley FRS, publishes complete humanization of the mouse immunoglobulin locus in Nature
September 2017
PetMedix founder, Dr Jolyon Martin, publishes first comprehensive annotation of canine immunoglobulin loci in Immunogenetics
November 2017
Completion of PhD project adapting the transgenic platform from human to canine at Wellcome Sanger Institute
January 2018
Formation of PetMedix as a company
January 2019
Size of company: 12 staff
February 2019
£8million series A funding secured
February 2019
Shortlisted to present at the Animal Health Investment Europe Innovation Showcase
April 2019
Dr Fabian Kausche and Dr Cindy Cole join the Board of Directors
August 2019
Presented at Kansas City Investment Forum on future solutions for pet health
December 2019
Dr Dave Lowery joins the company
January 2020
Size of company: 24 staff
February 2020
Animal Pharm 'Best Start-up 2019' award winner
April 2020
Move to Babraham Research Campus
May 2020
Funding from Cambridge Innovation Capital secured
June 2020
Judged as ‘One to Watch’ in the global Nature Spinoff Awards
October 2020
Size of company: 32 staff
November 2020
Dr Amy Li, PetMedix’s head of Research and Innovation named in Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2020 report
January 2021
PetMedix enters into partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim
April 2021
Dr Jolyon Martin, co-Founder and Head of Business Development, named in Forbes 30 under 30 Europe List for Science and Healthcare 2021
June 2021
PetMedix completes Ky9 platform
July 2021
PetMedix antibodies outperform benchmarks in canine study
September 2021
Dr Amy Li, PetMedix head of Research and Development, reveals secrets of DNA methylation in early development
September 2021
PetMedix raises $37M Series B
January 2022
PetMedix enters into antibody discovery collaboration with Zoetis
July 2022
PetMedix founders develop novel antibody sequencing protocol and use it to investigate canine lymphoma
December 2022
Grant of first PetMedix Patent

Welcome to PetMedix

Step into our research hub and meet some of our talented team

This footage was filmed in November 2020

Latest News

In 2022, PetMedix researchers presented an anti-CD20 antibody showing the potential to transform the treatment of B cell #lymphoma in dogs.

Take a look at our poster, presented at last year's Veterinary Cancer Society meeting, to find out more: https://loom.ly/-8VmKIo

We're proud to be part of the UK life sciences ecosystem, supported by the stellar work of @BIA_UK. Listen to Dr. Tom Weaver, CEO of PetMedix, talk about what the #SpringBudget means for UK life sciences companies here, in this clip from @cambridge105 👇


Sustainability is important to us here at PetMedix which is why for the last 2 years, our team has worked alongside @TomorrowsForest to support their tree-planting initiative, helping to restore biodiversity and in contributing towards a greener planet.


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