Antibody Discovery

As a company developing therapeutic antibodies, antibody discovery is at the heart of what we do.

cutting edge of modern science

In the past, antibody discovery relied on inefficient processes such as creating hybridomas and involved screening tens of thousands of antibodies. PetMedix, leveraging the Intelliselect™ platform of our technology partners Kymab, have brought this forward to the cutting edge of modern science.

Our antibody discovery team is led by Dr Juexuan Wang, whose background in molecular and cellular genetics, in combination with her expertise in mouse models, means that she has a deep understanding of all facets of our antibody discovery engine. First and foremost, our discovery pipeline is adaptable and can be customised to the specific project needs. Work begins long before the first immunisation, and involves carefully engineering cell lines and sometimes making a custom variant of the platform itself. We then make sure that the antigen used is in the most relevant natural context, in order to ensure that the antibodies produced can optimally bind the intended target.

Antibody Discovery
Antibody Discovery

Where our process really sets us apart is that following an immunisation campaign, antigen-positive B cells are sorted and individually sequenced. This means that we know that our antibodies can bind the target, and the paired heavy and light chain sequence is available right from the start of the discovery process. This feeds into our intricate bioinformatics pipeline and allows us to screen a few hundred good-quality candidates selected from a few thousand B cells. This significantly reduces the time, effort, and cost of downstream candidate selection, and is made possible thanks to the quality of the underlying platform in combination with the Intelliselect process.

Our Teams

What sets us apart at PetMedix are the teams we have built and what they are able to achieve.
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