Animal health can learn from human health, for the benefit of all.

Targeting Areas of need

There are currently human therapeutic antibodies approved for 60 unique targets across a broad range of conditions that range from asthma to arthritis, and cancer to Crohn’s disease. For many of these conditions, dogs and cats get sick in just the same way, and the similarity is so high that the pet versions of these diseases are often studied to help us learn about the human illness. Developing treatments for our pets may also help to further inform the treatment of human diseases. This One Health approach of reciprocal collaboration and information sharing between human and animal health is increasingly recognised globally as a vital component to future healthy and sustainable living.

Approved human antibodies by indication

Approved human antibodies by indication
Scientists working in lab

PetMedix is using the experience of our founding team, as well as our network of advisors across the animal health world, to ensure that our pipeline of therapies targets the areas of biggest need where we can have the greatest impact. We are committed to ensuring that our strategy is based on robust science and solid commercial thinking.

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