As with nearly every field in modern science, data analysis is critical to what we do at PetMedix.

industry-leading approach

Our industry-leading approach generates antibody sequence information at the very beginning of the discovery process. Complex bioinformatics is then required to transform the raw reads into a format that can be used by our scientists. This work is led by our head of bioinformatics, Dr Albert Vilella. Albert brings over 15 years of bioinformatics experience to the team, having worked across the full range of academia, industry, and start-ups. He is able to draw on all of these facets to help build a data analysis pipeline at PetMedix that is both highly-customised and able to flexibly scale as the company grows.

An example of the data generated and analysed with our platform


Once the antibody discovery team has carried out the sequencing reaction, intricate networks are constructed that can trace the lineage of individual B cells and identify convergent solutions to a given target. Through comparisons of individual antibody sequences to the complete sample space it is then possible to greatly increase the efficiency of drug discovery. We are able to positively select potential candidates of interest, screen out sequences that might have liabilities downstream, and avoid redundancy in our selected candidate pool. This dramatically reduces the number of antibodies we need to experimentally validate in order to find the optimal drug candidate, which in turn ensures we can rigorously asses the merits of each one.

Our Teams

What sets us apart at PetMedix are the teams we have built and what they are able to achieve.
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