Clinical Development

Discovery is just the first step on the journey to an approved therapeutic and at PetMedix we are taking our assets all the way.

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In these modern times, it is comparatively easy to raise an antibody against a target. However, it remains very challenging to discover and develop one with the combination of properties required to not only achieve regulatory approval, but to also become a commercial success. Our clinical development team, lead by Dr Dave Lowery, has the experience and know-how required to take an antibody sequence and turn it into an approved medicine. Once a suitable candidate is identified the clinical development team advances it, using a mix of internal and partnered resources, through all of the manufacturing and clinical milestones on the route to approval.

Clinical Development
Lab Clinical Development
This starts at the very beginning, where the advantages of our transgenic platforms ensure that we can avoid many of the late stage failures inherent to other platforms, such as the immunogenicity of CDR-grafting1 or the nearly fivefold higher levels of development ‘red flags’ in antibodies from phage display platforms2. Development considerations are then incorporated at every step of early discovery, ensuring we only advance candidates with the greatest possible likelihood of clinical success. It is through this close working relationship between the discovery and development teams, as well as within PetMedix more broadly, that we will develop the very best veterinary medicines.

Our Teams

What sets us apart at PetMedix are the teams we have built and what they are able to achieve.
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