The Company

PetMedix is using the highest quality science to make the medicines our pets need and deserve, keeping them happier and healthier for longer.


Building on more than 30 years of world-leading innovation and human therapeutic drug development, we are applying the cutting edge of science to bring breakthroughs for much-loved pets worldwide.

The bond we have with our dogs and cats is a special one, they share our homes and are such an important part of our lives. Unfortunately, they also share many of our health problems, and can suffer from similar diseases and conditions to us. Whilst it is possible to give some types of human medicines to pets, it is not possible to do so with therapeutic antibodies – the pet’s immune system would reject them. What this means is that there are many of these conditions, including  cancer, arthritis and allergies that we can successfully treat in people but where pets are continuing to suffer.

PetMedix is creating the treatment solutions to help our pets. By taking the experience of our scientific team, and decades of human clinical research, we are building platforms that can develop fully species-specific, naturally-generated therapeutic antibodies.  We will use these platforms to develop our own veterinary medicines to target some of the most important underserved clinical areas, which not only would have critically beneficial healthcare impact, they also represent excellent market opportunities.

See how we are saving and improving the lives of animals all over the world

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