PetMedix Insights

PetMedix leaders sharing their thoughts on the company and our industry as a whole

In June 2022, PetMedix brought together some of the leading companies of the second wave of pet biotech to discuss how we are going to change animal health, why now is the right time for our companies, and what lies ahead for us and the industry as a whole. In this roundtable PetMedix’s CSO Prof Allan Bradley, PetDx‘s CEO Dr Daniel Grosu, and Rejuvenate Bio‘s CEO Daniel Oliver share their insights and collective experience in human and animal health.

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PetMedix CEO, Dr Tom Weaver, lays out the vision and driving force behind PetMedix.

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Industry veteran and PetMedix Chairman, Dr Fabian Kausche, outlines what he thinks sets PetMedix apart.

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Head of Research and Innovation, Dr Amy Li, explains why PetMedix is such a good place for visionary scientists.

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Head of Business Development, Dr Jolyon Martin, discusses PetMedix’s plan to change lives.

PetMedix CEO, Dr Tom Weaver, is interviewed on his entrepreneurial journey.

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