Dr Albert Vilella

Head of Bioinformatics
Dr Albert Vilella
Albert has worked for 15 years in the field of genomics, both in large companies such as Illumina but also in biotech start-ups in Cambridge, such as: OntoIt (Grakn Labs), Cambridge Epigenetix and now PetMedix.

He specialises in building the Bioinformatics data analysis solutions needed for applied omics pipelines. He has contributed academically to the fields of genomics, molecular evolution and epigenomics, and published in Nature, Science, Cell and journals specializing in genomics sciences such as Genome Research, Nature Genetics, and Bioinformatics OUP (h-index=26).

His role at PetMedix is to oversee “all things data” in the company, with special emphasis on the IntelliSelect PetSelector solution for the identification of antibody candidates from single cells.

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