Professor Allan Bradley

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Professor Allan Bradley
Allan is a world-renowned researcher and entrepreneur.  He is Emeritus Director of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and was responsible for transitioning its high-throughput genome-sequencing infrastructure into an academic genome centre with a focus on primary research.

Central to this transition was the creation of a mouse genome-engineering research program leading to discoveries and techniques for humanizing mouse immune systems.  These proprietary technologies formed the foundation in 2010 of Kymab Ltd.  Kymab was conceived as a platform-to-product company, where the first few years were focused on building the platform.  Kymab have used this platform to discover novel human antibody therapeutics that it has validated in human clinical trials.  The world-leading nature of this approach led to Kymab’s acquisition by Sanofi in January 2021.

In his academic role, Allan has published widely in high impact journals and is a respected expert in the monoclonal antibody and mouse engineering fields.  Previously he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, USA) where he built up one of the biggest transgenic mouse facilities in the USA and also spun out Lexicon Genetics, another successful pharmaceutical company based on mouse genetic technology.  Allan is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

As scientific founder and CSO, Allan has built and shaped the scientific teams at PetMedix. Through regular meetings with the teams he helped to build, Allan is heavily involved in the day to day scientific progress of the company and helps provide overall technical direction to the projects.

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