Dr Amy Li

Head of Research and Innovation
Dr Amy Li
Amy brings 15 years of international research experience in genetics, genomics, and molecular and cellular biology.

Amy obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge in the area of genetics and genomics under the mentorship of Prof. Allan Bradley at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. She received Siebel Stem Cell (Siebel Foundation, USA) and Sir Henry Wellcome (Wellcome Trust, UK) postdoctoral fellowships for her postdoctoral research at University of California, Berkeley (California, USA) and Stem Cell Institute (Cambridge, UK), where she explored diverse areas in stem cell research.

Amy leads Fc engineering strategies at PetMedix to produce canine and feline antibodies with improved efficacy, stability, half-life and developability. She also leads the engineering and discovery effort to create novel antibody formats to achieve improved efficacy over natural antibody structure. She works closely with Isla, director of Intellectual Property, to maximise PetMedix’s IP portfolio.

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