Dr Thomas Weaver

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Dr Thomas Weaver
Tom has a proven track record of creating value in genetic based start-up companies, including Hexagen Genetics (acquired by Incyte Plc), Geneservice (acquired by Source Bioscience Plc), Congenica, and Next Gen Diagnostics.

He has experience in technology development, business and operational planning, building multi-disciplinary teams, and management at both operational and C-levels.

Tom also has academic and government science experience, having been a Medical Research Council (MRC) Director in Oxford overseeing a team of 130 mammalian geneticists and animal technicians undertaking one of the world’s largest mouse mutagenesis and clinical phenotyping infrastructures.  He trained in experimental oncology (Madison, USA) and did post-doctoral research at the MRC Lab for Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK) and University of Cambridge (UK).

As CEO of PetMedix, Tom is responsible for overall corporate, operations, and resource decisions. He leads the company in its growth and mission, and helps manage not only the company but also the board and PetMedix’s external relationships.

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