Legal and Commercial

PetMedix scientists are continually innovating and a core focus is to ensure we capture all of these discoveries and to drive value for the company as a whole.

intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is so integral to what we do, that we have brought its oversight in house. Dr Isla Furlong is our Director of Intellectual Property and is responsible for shaping how we discover and protect the work carried out here. Isla is a qualified European and UK patent attorney with over 20 years’ experience in biotech and pharma, and is specialised in antibody IP. Working closely with our scientists, external lawyers, our board, and as part of our executive team, Isla has not only created and helped implement a strategy for our IP, but also created a culture in which it informs every aspect of what we do.

Intellectual property

Within our large and growing scientific team we have a great deal of internal know-how and a breadth of expertise across our core competencies. However, that does not make us an inward-facing organisation. The best science is achieved collaboratively and PetMedix looks to partner with a range of groups in order to help bring the very best in veterinary medicine to our dogs and cats. This business development work is led by Dr Jolyon Martin. Jolyon’s PhD formed the basis for the Ky9 platform, and this deep understanding of the technical side of PetMedix’s offering informs his work. PetMedix is proud to have partnered with Boehringer Ingelheim and continues to engage with industry partners to identify new areas for collaboration.

Our Teams

What sets us apart at PetMedix are the teams we have built and what they are able to achieve.
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