PetMedix announces differentiated new pain programme, backed by granted patent

PetMedix™ is pleased to announce that they have received a Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a US patent describing its PET005 molecule for canine pain.  Pain remains a critical issue for pets and their owners, severely impacting quality of life for both. Until recently it was largely treated with NSAIDs, but antibodies against NGF have become available in the last couple of years. The commercial success of those antibodies demonstrates that the pet pain market is likely to continue to grow meaningfully and that there continues to be strong demand for novel ways to address this issue.

PET005 represents the next evolution in pain treatment for companion animals. It comprises the external domain of p75 (the low affinity NGF receptor) fused to the constant region of an antibody. This fully canine biotherapeutic leverages the strong protein engineering know-how that PetMedix has assembled. By using the natural receptor, NGF levels are reduced and pain can be alleviated at very low doses of PET005. This mechanism of action supports the treatment of a broader range of pain types beyond osteoarthritis (OA), including neuropathic and cancer-related pain.

To date, PetMedix has put the candidate through rodent chronic pain and canine acute pain models, with very promising results. From these initial studies, PET005 appears to be potent, effective at about 20% of the label dose of bedinvetmab, and has superior biophysical properties and stability. In a canine pilot study, it was so effective after a single dose that its efficacy was at least as effective as meloxicam

“The promising early results of this programme further validates the science-led approach that we have at PetMedix” says Dr Tom Weaver, PetMedix CEO. “Our scientists were able to start from what was publicly known, combine it with everything we’ve learnt for ourselves, and create something that could have incredibly meaningful impact in veterinary medicine. PetMedix is a biotherapeutics company targeting a broad range of indications across two species and the patent grant and trial data reinforce that we are on the right track.”

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