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PetMedix CD20 antibody shows potent effects in vitro and in vivo

At the Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) meeting in October 2022, PetMedix researchers presented data on a fully canine antibody targeting canine CD20. The antibody shows great potency, beating relevant benchmarks in vitro, and a profound ability to deplete B cells in vivo, even at low doses.

PetMedix founders develop novel antibody sequencing protocol and use it to investigate canine lymphoma

Published in PLOS ONE in July 2022, Dr Jolyon Martin worked in collaboration with scientists at the University of Minnesota to develop this novel method and use it to delve into the B cell receptors of sick and healthy dogs. This is the first time that the complete canine antibody repertoire has been interrogated in this way in peer-reviewed literature and serves as a valuable tool and resource for future researchers.”

PetMedix scientist helps reveal secrets of DNA methylation in early development

Published in PNAS in September 2021, Dr Amy Li, PetMedix head of Research and Innovation, identifies a crucial mechanism underpinning the role that DNA methylation plays in early development, including the key role of the transcription factor Ascl2 in the process.

PetMedix founders yield deep insights into canine antibody genetics

Published in Immunogenetics in April 2018, this paper by two of PetMedix’s founders covers the detailed annotation of the canine antibody loci and casts light on their evolutionary past and surprising conservation across breeds. The work is fundamental to ensuring that the platform accurately captures the diversity in the canine immune repertoire.

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