Research and Innovation

PetMedix prides itself on being a forward looking organisation.

breaking new ground

There is a great deal that we can learn from the past 40 years of antibody research, and numerous well-validated targets and approaches that we will work to bring to veterinary medicine. However, our goal is not simply to copy what has happened in the past in human medicine, but to bring to bear the very latest advances in the field, and where relevant to break new ground and lead the way. This work at PetMedix is spearheaded by Dr Amy Li, whose international background in genetic engineering, cellular assay development, and molecular and cellular biology gives her the tools she needs to keep PetMedix at the forefront of antibody science.

Research and Innovation
Research and Innovation

Working in veterinary medicine brings both opportunities and challenges. Overall, less background work has been carried out in this field compared to human medicine or mouse genetics, and so our teams need to combine the fundamentals of pure scientific research with the process-oriented approach of applied research. Throughout the R&D process it’s critical to keep in mind the pet, pet owner and veterinarian who will be using and benefitting from our therapeutics. They need to be safe, effective, affordable, and be stored and administered easily, with a convenient dosing schedule. The PetMedix research and innovation team works to ensure we are able to meet all of these goals. By considering the antibody molecule as a whole, it is possible to refine the natural starting sequence to produce the optimal veterinary medicine.

Our Teams

What sets us apart at PetMedix are the teams we have built and what they are able to achieve.
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